Fiberglass Instruction Manuals on How To Fiberglass Mold, Plug, Lay Up, Fabricate and Fiberglass Repair

Fiberglass Repair Manual - Repair Boats, Cars, Hot Tubs, Shower Floors or Anything Fiberglass

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Why Replace It When You Can Repair It Yourself
At A Fraction Of The Cost
Any way you look at it, Damaged Fiberglass is just plain UGLY!
Bow-Damage.jpg - 8630 BytesDamaged-Fiberglass.jpg - 10473 Bytes
And it adversely effects structural integrity by compromising strength and seal.

The decision; Buy the item new or take it to the repair shop and pay "full boat" for materials and labor? There is another option.

DO IT YOURSELF Fiberglass Mold Making & Repair!

That's what I decided to do - 20 years ago.

Hi, my name is Steve Jones. I'm glad you found my Fiberglass Manuals Site. Maybe you can relate a little to my story of how I became a fiberglass fanatic.

Here's the WHY I learned how to do fiberglass repair, then fiberglass molds, fabrication, eventually writing these manuals and no longer date blondes.

About 20 years ago, a (Blonde) now X-girlfriend ran her dad's riding lawn mower into the side of my mustang. I know, I know - why was she even on the mower in the first place. (Remember Women's lib?)

Bitches BlunderStill, when I heard the crunching sound of my brand new formed in and painted fiberglass fender flair, I winced, (Had just paid for custom fender flairs for the rear to accomidate wider wheels and tires.), and turned to see my right rear 1/4 panel and new fender flair badly damaged. A crack/tear/gouge about 36 inches long starting at the air duct and it was UGLY! (Time for a new girlfriend? Well, not long after her first patently blonde blunder, she pulled the garage door down on my hood scoop. Astalavista Baby!)

The decision; Buy the item new or take it to the repair shop and pay retail for materials and labor? Since I wasn't exactly rolling in money at the time, I had to at least consider the obvious option. Doing the fiber glass repair myself.

Blunder Blonde 2 So begain my quest for knowledge on fiberglass repair. There wasn't much available in those days. But I persevered and through a lot of trial and error, finally managed the repair myself. While it wasn't perfect, unless somebody looked really close, the imperfections were very hard to see.

Turns out, when you understand the basic process, techniques, materials and task order, it's not brain surgery. (However, labor prices at most shops would have you think it is.)

Since then, I have made other fiberglass repairs on my mustangs rear spoiler (Run away shopping cart), Corvette fender, Jet Ski hull repair (Yep another blonde girlfriend - what was I thinking?), RC Boat hull, RC Nitro Car body, shower stall floor, Hood scoop for my Cherokee and the list goes on . . . A different Blonde Girlfriend

So What Inspired Me to Write the
Fiberglass Mold Making How To Manuals?

When a friend of mine ask me a few years back if I would help him with a fiberglass repair job on his hot tub, I was working under some pretty serious time constraints with my practice. I suggested he look on the Internet for guides or a "How To" manual.

GTO Style Rear Spoiler He came back saying he couldn't find anything that would walk him through a repair step by step. Then I looked around online and besides some meager all text (No pictures) attempts by some repair kit vendors. Back then there just wasn't much available on line.

So the idea to write my own manual was born. I have authored 4 more Fiberglass How To manuals on Fiberglass Mold Making, Fabrication, Building a Plug and Multi-Piece Molds and My customers love them.

I do pride myself on producing accurate detailed manuals that will take you step by step through the process, with color pictures and detailed instructions all the way to project completion.

There's over 50 man hours that has gone into describing and illustrating how you can take just about any damaged fiberglass item, and do a solid repair, so it has it's orginal structural integrity and appears to have never been damaged.

** Click Here To Get Your Fiberglass Repair Manual With 4 Other Manuals Included. **

P.S. And by the way, I don't date blondes any more (Once bitten twice shy.)

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