Hi Steve,

"As you can see, the wife gave her work car an ouchee! I didn't think it was too bad at first untill she took it to the body shops and came back with some estimates of around $1,000.00.

The left head light was pointing at the sky and the signal lens and mounting was cracked and useless. So she couldn't drive it at night. So I took it upon myself to learn what it would take to handle the job on my own. That's when I found your manuals online. As you can see from the before and after shots, it all worked out very well and I saved my self about $900.00.

I want to thank you for making the process so easy to learn".
Steve N, Austin, TX

“These are exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t know that this fiberglass stuff was so straight forward” I will centainly recommend your manuals to my friends.
Dave N. _ _ Texas

“Steve, killer job on these manuals. … Just wanted to let you know my 10 year old son took Junior Division 2nd place in "Original Design" at the RC Boat Meet last week. … it was really great to overhear him say to his friend, "Yeah, it's my design idea, but my Dad helped me with doing the fiberglass mold'n stuff. My Dad's pretty cool.”
Michael G. - Hunting Beach, CA

“I completed my first set of fender flair molds then finished the flairs, mounted, blended and painted for my 1968 Mustang (See attached pics) - then made another set … and sold them on ebay for 6 times what they cost me to make … Steve, your manuals are awesome”...
John C. - Enid, OK

Great manuals, very well thought out – easy to follow. I like the clickable Table of Contents and image index too. I just put my laptop's transparent keyboard protector on it and take it into the shop with me on a roll around. Very Convenient!”
Mick J. - Encinitas, CA

“Perfect, easy to follow instructions. Great insturction references to have by your side.”
Greg M. - Carlsbad, CA

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The Mold Making Manual:
47 Full Color Pictures
And Detailed Instructions
Take You From Concept...
(Downsized Picture Samples)
Concept Design Through Step step2 By Step Resin to Fiberglass By Step Applying Glass By Step Step 1 By Step Step 2 By Step yada To Completion Completed Custom RC Car Body
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